About us

Hi! This is Josh, the owner of Lewis Game Shop, here to talk a little bit more about our store. We are located in St. Cloud, and Monticello. Lewis Game Shop first got started in 2011 when we realized how much stuff (Trading Card Games, Board Games, Video Games etc.) we had sitting around and had the idea that we should open a retail store where people could buy and sell their gently used collectables. We signed a lease for a brick and mortar location buying and selling video games, cell phones, computers and other small electronics. Soon have been steadily growing in business ever since. We have one specific mission, and that is to have this place be the main area to gather from gaming and events.

In fact, Lewis Game Shop has grown so much in the last few years that it has actually outgrown two locations and we are now on our third location, right off of Hwy 23 on the East side of St. Cloud. We now have the largest retro video game selection in the area, and have expanded into the world of toys, collectibles, vinyl records, comics books and other unique treasures. Thousands of people have now visited Lewis Game Shop throughout the 10 years we have been open. The Lewis Game Shop staff genuinely love what they do and we look forward to continued growth and to helping our customers for many years to come. Thank you so much to our customers for your continued loyalty.