Lewis Game Shop now carries something for the kid in all of us with our extensive collection of toys, board games, and collectible figures.

Here you will find plush toys from many of your favorite cartoons and video games (Pokemon or Mario, anyone?).

You couldn't ask for a better (or more cuddly!) friend. There's also lots other memorabilia that will let you show your love for your favorite heroes (and villains) all year long!

We also have an exciting collection of your favorite board games, but with a fun twist: they feature all of the characters from your favorite TV shows and video games! Titles include: Pokemon Monopoly, Clue: Firefly edition, Risk: Game of Thrones edition, Nintendo Monopoly, Risk: Doctor Who Dalek Invasion of Earth, and many more!

You'll be the hero of your next family game night with one of these unique editions! We also have a selection of fun puzzles featuring the likes of Link and Zelda, Mario, Harry Potter, and more! Spend a perfect rainy (or snowy!) afternoon whiling away the hours putting your favorite characters together.

In addition to the stacks of Funko Pop! and other vinyl figures Lewis Game Shop has, we also carry a large assortment of vintage action figures. For all of the twenty and thirty-somethings looking to relive some childhood memories, or maybe wanting to show their own little ones what THE BEST toys were like, our collection of action figures, many of them from the 80's and 90's, is a wonderfully nostalgic trip down memory lane. From wrestlers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Marvel universe, you name it, there's a good chance it's at Lewis Game Shop.

If you have some collectible toys you're not using anymore or if you're curious about what we have in stock feel free to CONTACT US.